Twisting Harp is a sound sculpture built from elongated plywood boxes and piano wire. It is designed from a repeating three-dimensional modular form, with each module scaled by a factor two and rotated in two dimensions from the previous one. Each module forms a skewed trapezoid, with three sides formed by boxes and one side formed by a wire.

The sculpture additionally includes electronics that vibrate the strings without any external input. The plywood boxes are hollow and act as sounding boxes for the strings. The sounds produced are the acoustic and unamplified sounds of the wood and string.

Twisting Harp was installed on Mills College campus as part of the 2010 Signal Flow festival from 3/11/2010 - 3/14/2010.

Side View

Perspective View

Large Side Detail

Small Side Detail

Video (mov)

Video (youtube)

Many thanks to Anna Valentina Murch for artistic guidance, Ethan Worden for endless help in the shop, Bobby Lukas and Joey Castor for advice and goofiness, and Andy Clifford for supplying the pickup and driver coils.