Acoustic Permutations is an interactive sound sculpture exploring the sonic possibilities of a large number of physically coupled acoustic feedback loops. It was designed to encourage people to walk around and inside of it, to push it, pull it, and wave their hands around it, modifying the acoustics of the boxes and changing the sounds as they go.

The sculpture comprises 27 cubic and rectangular wooden boxes arranged to form a cube five feet on a side. Each box with a face on the outside of the cube, 25 total, is fitted with an audio transducer, amplification, and a speaker, creating a feedback loop. The 25 feedback loops interact through the physical coupling of the boxes touching one another. It was installed on Mills College campus on 5/8/2009.

Front Direct View

Rear Perspective View




Circuit Schematic


Video (mov)

Video (youtube)

One hundred and twenty two thank yous to the friends of mine who helped me make this happen on time: Dan McAnulty, Bart McGuire, Chris Skebo, Andy Clifford, Matt Hettich, Ben Taylor, Conner Lacy, Mark Boccard, Jim Graham, and James Fei.